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Life science for good.

EthosBio is a socially conscious organisation that was established to embed socially impactful entrepreneurship into the life sciences ecosystem and to equip early stage innovators with the skills and confidence that they need to translate ideas into products that ultimately benefit society.

We are an enthusiastic, passionate and nimble team of entrepreneurs united by the shared vision of nurturing and developing innovators in educational institutions and leading a paradigm shift towards socially responsible business within the life sciences ecosystem. Using our international network, experiences and our involvement in promoting entrepreneurship we are committed to delivering the EthosBio vision. It is this vision that is our shared core value and driving force.

Lysimachos Zografos, PhD

I graduated from the Univeristy of Edinburgh with a background in computational systems neurobiology and worked for a number years as a post-doctoral researcher and at a contract research organisation. I founded my first company, Parkure, in 2014 and have since led a team focused on developing therapeutic solutions to those suffering by Parkinson’s disease, with some discoveries already reaching the pre-clinical phase. In this very challenging and risky field of the life sciences, we managed to win a number of competitions, raise two rounds of investment and several grants, navigate the development of collaborations with companies much larger than ours and deliver good science. I am also the chair of the Industry working group at the Young Academy of Scotland and through that position I work on promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

James McIlroy, BMedSci (Hons), FRSA

Non-executive Director

I’m a final year medical student and biotechnology entrepreneur based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I founded my first company, EuroBiotix, at the age of 21 after identifying an unmet clinical need for a medical treatment in NHS hospitals. I progressed EuroBiotix alongside my medical studies for over two years and passed my final written exams in July 2016. There are now over 15 people either employed by EuroBiotix or supporting the Company as a Director or Advisory Board Member. I have won a number of competitions, presented evidence in parliament and delivered academic presentations to people many years my senior. I have also tasted failure and taught myself how to deal with it. These experiences have allowed me to develop a broad academic, clinical and entrepreneurial skill set that I am excited to share through EthosBio.

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