Life science for good.

Life science for good – speeding the convergence of impact and profit

The Event

A new movement of entrepreneurs is emerging, that value social impact as highly as the bottom line. Can this profit with purpose business model be adopted by companies working in the life sciences sector? We want to start the discussion and explore how Scotland can nurture socially conscious entrepreneurs with life science business ideas and invite the community to take part. We also invite start-ups to present and promote their technology with a socially conscious angle (details on event page). The winner will receive a £500 award. The event is hosted by EthosBio CIC. Register here.

When & Where

March 13th 18:00 – 21:30

University of Edinburgh Business School Auditorium, 29 Buccleuch Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9JS


Over the years, new start-up organisations in the life sciences and healthcare industries have traditionally focused entirely on progressing products to market and generating a financial return for investors. However, a new movement of people is emerging that equally value generating positive social impact whilst earning a financial return. Although socially conscious business models have gained significant mainstream attention in other sectors, the idea of employing ‘profit with purpose’ structures to advance high-risk and costly R&D in these industries remains largely untested. The purpose of this event is to stimulate discussion around this issue, and to create actionable insights into how Scotland can lead a paradigm shift towards socially impactful entrepreneurship in life sciences. At the present time, there does not appear to be a universal approach for organisations to show commitment to social causes as well delivering financial upside for shareholders and investors. We believe that to develop such an approach, input is required from all members of the life sciences ecosystem. To further define the scope of this event, we are seeking to bring interested people together to cooperatively establish a means to support socially impactful entrepreneurship within the life sciences sector in Scotland. The event will be hosted by EthosBio CIC and will include a panel conversation with influential members of the life sciences and healthcare start-up community and an opportunity for start-ups to present and promote their technology with a socially conscious angle. The winner will receive a cash award of £500. Register here.

Pitching competition

We invite innovators who are driven by an ambition to pursue both financial and social impact to pitch great ideas in the broader space of life sciences, healthcare and biotechnology. The teams with best ideas will be invited to pitch in front of a panel of expert judges, with the winner claiming a £500 cash prize to help develop their idea. There is no need to have a company formed in order to take part in the competition. There is no restriction on governance models and limited companies are also welcome to take part. The ideas can be in the fields of: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Services, Medical Devices / Medtech, Biotechnology, and Mobile Health.



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